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E-circlelen is an established Korean color lens distributor and a joint venture company with Korean color contact lens manufacturers. Since its foundation in 2007, we have been a distributor of Korean-manufactured color lens to overseas markets. The company has engaged in: distributor of more than 18 Korean manufacturers' color lenses, OEM producer and providing wholesale service to buyers abroad and B2C online market leader and so on.

We have been representing 18 Korean color cosmetic eye lens brands, including Dueba, G&G, Neo vision, Geo Medical, New Bio, Migwang and etc... to overseas markets.

Also, we have our own OEM brands and online brand of “e-circlelens.com” so that the wholesale or regular customers are from all over the world.

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Why should you choose E-circlelens.com?

-Reasonable prices.
-Authentic and high quality products.
-Fast shipping and dispatch.
-Variety of colors, designs, power options;
The products are various in designs, colors and purposes to correct vision, fashion or even costume plays. Power options are available for nearsighted, farsighted and astigmatism. The entire Korean manufactured color lenses are all approved by Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA). CE, ISO certificates are valid in Euro nations. Also, color pigments and materials are approved by FDA. Therefore, we can guarantee the quality and safety of our lenses.


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