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What is Farsightedness?

Farsightedness a.k.a. hyperopia is the common term describing eyesight that is blurry on objects that are close by, but clear when looking at things in the distance. So, watching TV or reading a book may be a problem, but reading a highway billboard probably isn’t. It is called farsightedness, 'Seeing stuffs clearly when they’re far!

Hyperopia or Presbyopia…?

If you think you may have farsightedness symptoms, you have to check first as many of the conditions of hyperopia & presbyopia is exactly the same.
E.G) Blurry vision with reading any object that’s close up to you, and clear vision in the distance.

The main difference between hyperopia and presbyopia is your current age. If someone over 40 is starting to notice the eyes can’t focus on reading smaller texts, he/ she probably have presbyopia, not farsightedness.

Both vision conditions are quite common and easily corrected; they just require different types of eyeglasses or contact lenses!

So... What causes farsightedness?

Farsighted eyesight can stem from several causes, but heredity is likely the main cause. If you have farsighted vision, the light entering your pupils doesn’t focus correctly on your retina. This can happen because your eye is shorter than normal, and thus the images focus slightly behind the retina. This causes the newspaper in your hands to appear blurry, while anything in the distance may appear fine.

How to correct farsighted vision? Is there a cure for farsightedness?

There’s nothing in the form of a magic pill to take, but there are several other options!
1. Wear contacts for farsightedness
2. Wear prescription glasses
3. Get a laser surgery for the eye

Contact Lenses for farsightedness
Spherical contact lenses can correct blurry, farsighted eyesight. Be sure to consider all of your options, like how often you’d like to change your contacts or how long you’ll be wearing them in one day.

We have a wide range of Hyperopia lenses that are specially designed for those who have difficulties in reading and seeing things near.

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