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Automatic Lens Cleaner (Only Yellow In Stock)
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Made in China
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*  Cleans dirt on the lens and protein build up with water wave and vibration.
*  Does not directly rub on the surface of the lens, cleans thoroughly and
    therefore no worries of ripping or scratching lenses.
*  Fit for all kinds of lens such as soft lenses, hard lenses and RGP.
*  Uses one AAA battery for power and does not choose time and space for use.


[Power] AAA Battery X 1

[How to use]
1. Take out the cleaning case from the body. (Pull hard)
2. Open the cap of the cleaning case and put in the lens, each on the correct side.
3. Fill the case (each side of L & R) with multi-purpose solution, and make sure the lenses are dipped inside. 
4. Firmly close the cap of the cleaning case, and set it in the body.
5. Press button to turn on the power, operate for 3 min. Press again to turn off. 
6. The lenses must be rinsed before wearing. 

Travel Kits are not sold separately.

It has to be purchased together with the lenses for shipping.

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