(Natural eye color: )
Bernice 2020-10-14 ★★★★★
It’s so good and it fits perfect!

(Natural eye color: )
Domonique 2020-03-04 ★★★★★
It's absolutely gorgeous! I have brown skin and u thought it wouldn't suit me well hey it looks absolutely gorgeous.

(Natural eye color: )
Sadie 2020-01-29 ★★★★★
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Like this lens so much!!I've seen so many people worn this lens,love it so much!!
no problem with discomforts
heeDHC 2015-08-20 ★★★★
I had no problem with discomfort or itchy eyes. From the first time I put them on, there was no problem to the wee hours..
My eyes were never dried out or itchy or event showed any sign of redness. They are just really comfortable to wear for an extended amount of hours of everyday. I didn't have to use any eye drops either. As long as you cleaned them thoroughly, you will be run into any problems with discomfort! I also wore makeup with these lenses and had ho problems applying things to my eyes.
SO happy
edina 2015-06-05 ★★★★
I am SO happy I bought them!
You can trust me! So SO So comfortable! For long hours, i dont feel any tiredness!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fair brown and natural looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!