So comfortable!
Sunday 2020-03-04 ★★★★★
Not only do they actually show up on my eyes but they look so natural! They're very comfortable as well.

(Natural eye color: )
Linda 2020-01-29 ★★★★★
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Great quality and looks great! This is one of the best color for dark brown eyes :)
So vibrant! (Natural eye color: )
crowmunist 2016-05-23 ★★★★
I think they're fabulous. It's so difficult to find golden-orange lenses that flatter the eye, but these fit the bill. Instead of being one solid color, like a Manson lens, there are striations in the design to blend better with your natural eye color for a realistic and striking effect. The size doesn't offer much noticeable enlargement, but I preferred something more subtle so it was perfect for what I wanted. Sometimes a ring of color does bleed into my vision, and it took a moment for the lenses to settle comfortably on my eye, but the issue resolves itself shortly and I haven't had this reoccur with subsequent wearings. Overall fantastic lenses!
I have dark brown eyes
kKkK 2016-03-31 ★★★★

I really like these lenses. I have dark brown eyes and these brighten them up and also enlarge them a bit. They're perfect for a natural enhancement to your eyes! And they are comfortable too.

Look and feel great!
cpzm 2015-11-02 ★★★★★
These contacts look and feel great! I have blue green eyes and I love the dark brown to lighter golden brown blend of color. Looks natural but still dramatic enough to notice them. Can't wait to use them for a cosplay I have planned!
Beautiful and comfortable
Michael 2015-10-30 ★★★★★
These lenses are extremely comfortable as I can wear them for up to 10 hours. They're also so natural and enhancing of your natural brown eyes. I have dark brown eyes but these lenses make them pop with out being over saturated.
It's Alright. Not the best. Not the worst.
ureA 2015-10-28 ★★★
Comfort: It feels like i have nothing on my right eye over 4 hours of wearing them.
Look: Natural but the Black outer circle is too thick that it makes it look... unpleasing to me. I was expecting it to look like the ones the model has.
Beautiful on Blue Eyes!!
Kingheart 2015-09-24
This was the first pair of circle lenses I purchased, and they were amazing. I was a bit sceptical because I have blue/gray eyes, but they really did look brown (You can see the blue/gray a little near the pupil, but everyone I showed had to peer closer to see)! I highly recommend these lenses for first time circle lens wearers!
got big eyes!!!!
olga 2015-05-12 ★★★★★
Color is so awesome gold brown !!!!
Best part of those circle lenses is bold outer rim!!!!
My eyes became bigger than I thought! !!!
But look natural !!!! ♡
So so so soooo comfortable! !!! You can not imagine it
You should wear them by yourself!!!!!!!
Best color contact lenses!!!!
Yellowish brown and soo comfortable
heyJJ 2015-04-17 ★★★★★
It is my first time to give it a try-
Super comfortable !!! Color and design are fantastic-
Yellowish brown is ma favorite always
Because look adorable and dolly x)
To e-circlelens
I want blue silicone one ♡