Natural color, major enlargement (dark brown eyes)
Zatzii 2016-07-05 ★★★★★
I wanted a large lens so I chose these and I couldn't be happier. I have dark brown eyes and in pictures, my eyes are partially lightened. It gives my eyes a doe-like look and are comfortable to wear. Make sure to read the diameter because this is a very large circle lens so don't be surprised if it gives you a Barbie-doll look.

With the basic shipping, I got this in 3 weeks.
Natural Iris Color: Dark-ish orange/green/ Very natural, not so vibrant!
Klint 2016-06-20 ★★★★
Since my eyes already have some orange/brown in them I expected these lenses to strengthen the brown tones in my eyes and bring them out. But I honestly didn't see much of a difference, which disappointed me a little!
Maybe the brown color in my eyes and the brown color in the lenses were way too alike so there was no difference! They might be more vibrant on other eyes.

Enlargement is great and I still get a very natural look for my eyes. They will look perfect for my cosplay of Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club!

Big Brown Eyes (Natural eye color:brown to dark brown )
chlue 2016-06-15 ★★★★★
Those were the first couple of lenses I purchased from ecirclelens and I fully recommend them. First of all, they are so comfortable and easy to put on. Also they look so natural, yet they're gorgeous enough to give you the exact dolly effect you want. My natural eye color is brown to dark brown and I am so happy about my decision about this cute lens. Thank you e-curckekebs! All the love x
So dolly!! (Natural eye color: dark)
bananaguo 2016-03-11 ★★★★★
When writing a review, please include the below information:
➀Natural eye color: dark
➁How they look on: so dolly but very natural!! Perfect for shooting as well
➂Comfort: very thin and feel comfortable for many hours without dyd drops
➃Enlargement: Great Great Great!!

Super natural, beautiful comfortable lens/dark brown
Grace 2016-01-08 ★★★★★
Bought these a few weeks back and loved them! Super comfortable and natural - blended nicely with my dark iris and comes out natural in pictures as well! Would definitely recommend these!!
doll like and best quality
barbara 2015-07-20 ★★★★★
they were super comfortable and very effective with making the eyes appear larger and more doll-like.
circle lenses for dark brown eyes
mohhi 2015-06-26 ★★★★
The diameter of these lenses were only 14.8mm, so while making your eyes apear larger, they are still very natural looking. My natural eye color is dark brown so these lenses really brightened up my eyes.. I'd describe these lenses as being a golden-hazel rather than a light brown.
elaine 2015-05-20 ★★★★★
My eyes became bigger I thought twice waaaah!!!
Color/Patter is totally working for big eyes!!!!
It looks so well with the dolly look!!!!! Love Love Love those brown circle lens!!!!