Perfect lenses!
Dawn 2020-03-05 ★★★★★
This color is very natural! Thank you!

(Natural eye color: )
Daphne 2020-02-03 ★★★★★
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So beautiful. With dark eyes it's hard to see but when the light hits them they glow! Absolutely love them!
so bright and comfy
stanbyme08 2014-08-18 ★★★★★
I LOVE THIS^__________^
So vivid and bright and comfortable when I wore them for like 6 hours! It's not usual to me cuz my eyes are sensitive. So I easily get red eyes when I wear lenses but this one is so far okay. So I really love this^______^ also design is simple but effective. Definitely recommend!!!
natural and cute lens
jenna.Kim 2014-07-15 ★★★★★
hehehe I love this lenses it is so pretty and cute with my eyes^____^ I already recommended this lenses to my friends and they are loving it. this is so comfy and pretty so I wear it everyday. it is so natural which is the best feature of this lenses. THANK U~:))))