Look natural!
Melody 2020-03-05 ★★★★★
Never found any other contacts that look natural on me till now love them!

(Natural eye color: )
Emma 2020-02-03 ★★★★★
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They're not too in your face with the color which in nice if you don't like your colored contacts to be that noticeable. So comfortable I can't even tell there's a contact in my eye!
if interested in natural color contacts, good for you
mioko 2015-03-11 ★★★★
i am a beginner of circle lenses.
but i want my eye to look larger always.
i like it bcz it is not far from my expectation.
i was being worried about looking unatural!
But look so natural and i m happy with it.
From my good experience with these contacts
I woud recommend it for a person looking for natural stuff
Natural and effective circle lens
Laurie_N 2014-12-24 ★★★★★
I don't like lenses with dia 14.5-8 because I think those make my look very unnatural. I like this pearl because it's not too big or fake but very effective that make my eyes look somehow bigger and clearer! Thank you for fast shipping!!
Clear circlelens!
Jean88 2014-11-20 ★★★★★
Nice and clear lens with black edge!! Making my eyes look bigger and brighter.
Love this circle lens.
beauty_89 2014-10-20 ★★★★★
The best circle lens design i've ever seen. This is just my style! Very comfortable and quite natural even tho it's black. (Really good for asians especially.)
Black pearl on my eyes
Alice 2014-08-26 ★★★★★
Like this one. Natural effect and good quality.
daily look
ezra 2014-08-18 ★★★★★
I love love this~!! I had lens like 3 lens but they were awful... really dried my eyes up. but this lens I love cuz it never dries my eyes up after wearing them for 5hours and fairly thin!! this lens is my best lens ever~~~ sooo natural that it's my daily look now
Thank you~
Nice !
Esther 2014-06-16 ★★★★★
I wanted to hava a natural black colored lens, n I finally found it! I don't really like big big circle lens coz sometimes it looks to fake u know... but I like this one. Good that I found it.