(Natural eye color: )
Macy 2020-10-28 ★★★★★
I love them, super comfortable!

(Natural eye color: )
Madie 2020-09-28 ★★★★★
It is fantastic!
(Natural eye color: )
Mary 2019-12-27 ★★★★★
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The same as in the picture! Super Natural! You will not regret it, I promise you!
Comfortable and nice looking
clairenlj 2016-06-02 ★★★★★
These lenses are very comfortable to wear, and for circle lenses they're not overly fake. They look nice, and still enlarge your eyes a tiny bit. The colour is a dark grey, and for a darker grey they're still visible on brown eyes. The colour feathers out from a light grey to dark, which gives a very lovely effect. The only minus is that the pupil hole is very large, for vision it's sublime, but aesthetically it's less pretty. But seeing as they blend in with my eye colour, there's nothing to complain, and I look forward wearing these with my costumes and makeup!
lovely blending color
Rose 2014-10-02 ★★★★★
matches so well on my eyes and super comfortable!
AMAZING customer service!!!
Victoria 2014-09-15 ★★★★★
They are great, I have no issues with Aida Gray.
Looks natural and pretty
Natalie 2014-08-25 ★★★★★
Love the effect on my eyes! looks a bit like blue colour in dim lighting.
jessygrey 2014-08-07 ★★★★

But I gave only 4 stars cuz the price... is not cheap... but it's worth it though. Doesn't irritate my eyes as other lens' do. So comfy to wear it like more than 6 hours a day. it's like miracle to me. As you know, color lens are mostly sooo dry... anyway thanks for this stuff! definitely recommend!!!! yeah~
Aleeza 2014-05-11 ★★★★★
I've got very sensitive eyes so it's hard for me to find comfortable lens, but this is so far the most comfortable pair of lens I ever had. Will order more soon!
Wendy 2014-04-19 ★★★★★
These are the most gorgeous pair of gray lenses I have ever owned. They are so comfy too! Fast shipping, it only took less than 2 week to reach me. I am in Singapore! Thank you! I think the price and effect is absolutely worth it.
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