(Natural eye color: )
Lois 2020-02-17 ★★★★★
Excellent lenses! Love the collection. Love you guys who are working hard for us! Worth every bit!

Better than expected (Natural eye color: )
freyac 2016-05-27 ★★★★

These contacts surprised me with how comfortable they were even though i don't normally wear contacts. The color is really nice! Not as bright as advertised unless you are in a brightly lit place (which you can see from the photo) but this is not a bad thing because they look really natural even for purple contacts. Overall very happy with them!
I really love them!
xico 2016-02-05 ★★★★★
At first, I really didn't like these at all. I put them on and hardly noticed a change. I actually thought I looked bad with them on. So I took them off and haven't touched them until today, over a week later. Now, I've fallen in love! These lens are very slightly enlarging, which helps make them look completely natural. The color is a purple violet, which against dark brown eyes is hardly noticeable unless you're in direct natural light or under a flash. However, the inner rim helps greatly to bring a luminosity to your eye color. Without eye makeup, the change is subtle and boring. With eye makeup, I get this "Elizabeth Taylor effect", that's very pretty. I prefer these for everyday, natural-looking wear. It's hard to explain, but if you want a natural-looking beautiful enhancement, get these. I took off one star because I feel that in order to get these to really pop, eyeliner and mascara are a must.
super cute and comfortable!
RinA 2015-11-03 ★★★★★
i'm a regular contact lens wearer but it was my first time wearing circle lenses, and i'm so happy with how these turned out! i wore them for 4+ hours first time and i hardly felt a thing! my eyes are naturally hazel and they had such a pretty, natural looking effect. so happy!!
the most beautiful shade of violet!
ho oh 2015-09-30 ★★★★★
my eyes are bright brown close to yellow!
these violet contacts create the most beautiful shades with my yellowish brown eyes.
I do love the color contact lenses!
looking mysterious
Yoojin 2015-02-16 ★★★★★
I was able to get it very fast !! Thanx!!
Very very nice
Bani 2015-01-16 ★★★★★
Beautiful violet color with brownish tone. Nice!
sue5 2015-01-05 ★★★★★
The color is so gorgeous and very comfy!
Always happy shopping here
S 2014-12-30 ★★★★★
I was always more than satisfied after shopping here. The lenses I bought were so perfect for me and comfortable. I've been shopping here for more than 3 years and I am willing to be loyal customer of e-circlelens in the future:) Thank u so much and happy new year!
awesome contacts
Jade 2014-11-28 ★★★★★
the colors are amazingly well blended on my eyes. The most beautiful violet colored contacts I've ever seen or have.
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