Very Vibrant
Rico 2019-03-05 ★★★★★
Love these!
These lenses are stunning and cover up my dark brown eyes completely! I will definitely purchase again!
Love these Lenses with All My Heart!~(Natural eye color: brown)
Cheri_B 2016-02-19 ★★★★★
I am simply in love with them and I am looking forward to purchasing from this website again!~
➀Natural eye color: brown
➁How they look on: 10/10
➂Comfort: 10/10
➃Enlargement: 10/10

Beautiful ☆
Laura 2015-07-06 ★★★★
I have light blue eyes, and these blend in beautifully. thyou
Supergirl_93 2014-12-18 ★★★★★
This is really really really beautiful. Exactly the color I've always wanted to get! I usually don't make a review after purchasing because I'm too lazy... But this time I had to write!!!
Amazing green colors
Ellen 2014-12-15 ★★★★★
Really beautiful colors that make my eyes look much more beautiful and gorgeous. I love 3 color series.
So Pretty
alexandria 2014-10-18 ★★★★★
They are so pretty, and give a lovely dolly eye effect. I will be getting another pair as soon as possible.