(Natural eye color: )
Lura 2020-10-19 ★★★★★
They look amazing and super natural in brown eyes.
So great and amazing!
Jacquelyn 2020-02-17 ★★★★★
Quick international shipping, took about a week after placing order. Items safely sealed in a small box. Great customer service, too.
Amzingly beautiful
Ceci 2014-12-24 ★★★★★
LOVE THE LENSES SO MUCH!!! Greatly enlarging my eyes and give a wonderful brownish violet color to my eyes.
great enlargements!!
sandraO 2014-08-01 ★★★★★
I like the color and design! I've never had lens like this. I used to prefer natural looking lenses and this one is my first color lens. It's so comfortable than I thought and has great effects about enlargements and it's so vivid!! Thank you for this product<3<3<3
These lenses are gorgeous.  
amanda77 2013-03-13 ★★★★★

- Design: ★★★★★
- Color: ★★★★★

The design and color of these lenses are gorgeous.
I'm very happy with my purchase.