Tiny-B 2014-10-13 ★★★★★
Worth the price! I get dizzy without my contacts on but when I wear this, I can see cleary plus I get shining effect on my eyes. So much benefits.
soft sparkling effect!
Jess 2014-09-30 ★★★★★
It looks quite normal when it is not on me, but when I wear it I can see it's giving me shiny eye effect. I love because it is not too much (that gives fake look).
Like it!!!!!
yoominkim 2014-06-22 ★★★★★
one of my favorite celebrities is LEE hyori - Korean star. One day I saw her wearing brown lenses and it looked so hot and sexy made me looked up lots of websites and finally I purchased this one. Not even close to hyori but I'm satisfied with this! This lens got a beautiful color and looks so cool especially in summer! Summer is almost here in Korea so I guess all this summer, I'm gonna wear it everyday! yay!