Super creepy!
96502 2016-06-03 ★★★★★
I absolutely love these contacts, they're so creepy looking! I was also surprised at how well they covered my eyes-I have dark eyes & sometimes white won't cover them entirely, like it'll leave a bluish cast, but these totally covered it. They especially look amazing in photos! Not quite as comfortable as regular lenses, but still pretty comfortable. I really love the fact that these are offered in prescription-you can't see normally anyway due to the design of course, but it's sort of like if you can imagine looking through sheer fabric.
Absolutely amazing!! (Natural eye color: gray green)
Kayima 2016-03-17 ★★★★★
OMG, I've never known a better service than this one!
The parcel came really quickly and it was very helpful to have a tracking code for it. I'm so impressed, will definitely order from here again!

Trick or Circlelens
RYEN 2015-09-26 ★★★★★
Trick or Circlelens
Best for my halloween cosplay!!
vega20 2015-08-26 ★★★★★
Love these white mesh contacts!!
They are freaking amazing!!
So so so so so striking!!
What is the best part of the contacts?
Feel so comfy!
Awesome Effect
Jeff 2014-11-04 ★★★★★
Cool!!! They truly bring a dramatic effect for whatever look your going for. I would purchase again!
Hahaha so much fun!
Bobby 2014-10-22 ★★★★★
I'm so waiting for Halloween.
xlucasx 2014-10-01 ★★★★★
they look so awesome :-)
Mesh Contacts
Erika 2014-06-04 ★★★★★
Absolutely fantastic! Great fit, look and comfort level!
Very nice
Jake 2014-05-11 ★★★★★
Very nice, just like i wanted!
Thank you.
wesley_v 2013-09-30 ★★★★★
I was lookin for special lens that could match my outfit for costume play, and i find this is the best one
It's very unique and comfortable