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Julia 2020-01-07 ★★★★★
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Great lenses!!! Very comfortable and they look very natural.
So comfy!
Vanessa 2014-06-06 ★★★★★
I can wear them every day! So comfy!
Thank you for the lens and great customer service!
★Ruby Queen★
Anastasia 2014-01-21 ★★★★★
I can see my bling bling eyes thru the mirror xD
Sparkly - Wonderful if you're not going for a completely natural design  
Sara 2013-08-16 ★★★★★

Personally, I give these a 5/5 - They're comfy and the design/color are nice. It gives your eyes an innocent look from afar. Because a lot of people are looking for something more natural, these aren't the way to go especially in outdoor lighting/bright light/taking pictures with flash. I think they look best on dark eyes because the design is dark gray for the most part!
Love Ruby Queen Gray  
Meiyee 2013-04-04 ★★★★★

The color is natural and it makes my eyes look like diamond! Also they are really comfortable. Love it so much.
E circle lens.com has a good customer service! The staff was very nice and polite, they answered all my questions patiently. Definitely will buy lens from them again!
I like this color and pattern.
Anne Annita 2013-03-05 ★★★★★
I like this color and pattern.
I can not believe how natural they look on me.