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Nathalie 2020-01-07 ★★★★★
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Love the color. Want more colors. They were easy to put in. Very happy with them.
not fit
C 2015-08-21 ★★
not comfortable enough
Really cute for my dark eyes
saadet_a 2015-06-30 ★★★★★
They are the best one if you want a really golden brown eyes!Really cute for my dark eyes, comfortable and it takes 3 week to United States.
I highly reccomend them.
Good color and quality
Carley 2014-12-09 ★★★★★
How nice it is!! Gives me a clearer vision and as well as beautiful shining effect on my eyes!
For people who want change
Iris 2014-10-16 ★★★★★
Because I've only wore simple designed contacts, I was so bored and wanted different look in me.
Ruby queen was really nice choice and I totally like it.
It was a bit blurry when I wore for the first time, but I realized that after I blinked a few times, my vision was getting clearer! Happy about my purchase.
I really like these lenses.
Kelly 2014-02-08 ★★★★★
Woah, so nice! >w<
I really like these lenses, and I would definitely buy more from this series in the future.
annajoo 2013-11-27 ★★★★★

Today, I received a parcel. I really like ruby queen brown. : )
Look at the color and design!
I recommend these for whoever wants something dramatic and to have their eyes stand out!
I will take off my glasses, LOL.
best lenses ever
Meiyee 2013-04-28 ★★★★★
These lenses are very natural. They can make your eyes look sparkled and beautiful. They are really comfortable, even I wear them for a long time. love this lenses so much!