Wondereye green is lovely
Kstoney21 2016-05-02 ★★★★
I really like the color. The contacts are decently comfortable, but I have to say, one of them is slightly less comfortable than the other. Over all, they were worth the price and I would purchase from ecirclelens again.
Comfortable (Natural eye color: dark brown eyes)
kim35 2016-01-26 ★★★★
When writing a review, please include the below information:
➀Natural eye color: dark brown eyes
➁How they look on: It shows up as a nice, forest green color on dark brown eyes. I've worn other green lenses and they look unnatural on my brown eyes, but these ones don't. :)
➂Comfort: Comfort is a 5/5.
➃Enlargement: Enlargement is minimal.

Dark brown
yiyu0519 2016-01-18 ★★★★
Enlargement: 2/5 - these dont enlarge as much as i'd like but they make up for that in the bright colour
Natural eyecolour; Dark brown.
Color: 5/5 - They are super bright in any room any lighting, and although they might not be perfect for everyday natural use, they'd be great for a cosplay of some sort!
Comfort: 4/5 - They are comfortable except for the fact that when i move my eyes sometimes they dont follow. I'm unsure how to properly explain this effect ^^;
feel a bit strange..
Eugene Lee★ 2015-03-12 ★★★
before purchasing green circle lesn (if you are not westorn people), consider it looks good on you or blends well with your face or hair. To me, I got them for my cosplay,, and thought they're pretty cool but as a day lens, brown or black would be better
anyway it feel comfy as well.
Wonderful and...
Uriko 2014-06-24 ★★★★
it is bright and looks great on my brown eyes. But it would be better if it is well-blended. it is comfortable and I liked it but I'm not wearing it everyday. I think it would be great if there is another picture for this. anyway thanks.