Comfortable to wear!
Ann 2020-02-20 ★★★★★
They are comfortable to wear and aren't too much bigger than my iris so they look very natural.

(Natural eye color: )
Mary 2020-01-24 ★★★★★
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Great service and contact lenses are excellent value for money and they totally change my eye color!
It blends pretty well with my dark eyes.
super_jessy 2015-07-09 ★★★★★
The pattern is really simple but the color blends pretty well with my dark eyes.
I love them!
good lenses and so cheap
EmilyMarieMader 2014-07-16 ★★★★★
I've been using this for a month now and I've been satisfied with this. I can't wear it more than 8 hours though... After 8 hours my eyes got so dry.. This lenses is natural and comfortable. Love them. The price was excellent and Delivery was great. Thank you very much
They are gorgeous.
mimi 2014-04-20 ★★★★★
They are gorgeous, natiral and so breathable.