Cherie 2020-02-27 ★★★★★
The lenses came in very timely manner. They are very comfortable to wear.

(Natural eye color: )
Erica 2020-01-24 ★★★★★
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I love these! I always wear these when I’m going out but I wish it was a bit lighter but otherwise I love them.
(Natural eye color: dark brown)
Pruu 2016-03-29 ★★★★★
I hope this review finds you all well. I'm dark brown in complexion and I have a medium to dark brown eye color, naturally. However, I have been looking for a great brown circle contact lenses that will give me a noticeable color change effect, yet looks very natural and is very comfortable. People, this circle lenses are the ones. They are so comfy that I will rate them a 10/10. The color change effect is noticeable, but not dramatic. Very natural; I can't say that enough. These are those perfect brown/hazel contacts you can wear daily to work or school and everyone will not think twice that they are your natural eye color.
I will only highly recommend this color for persons with dark brown eyes :)

Enough for five stars
HONEYLEE 2015-06-04 ★★★
COLOR & DESIGN: Dark brown ring adds more natural look. Also these blend on my own eyes which are dark brown.
Love the color
Esther 2015-01-19 ★★★★★
I wore this over the weekend, and it was totally comfortable! So natural and beautiful.