(Natural eye color: )
Domenica 2020-10-06 ★★★★★
Super comodos me facinan 😍

Ruth 2020-02-18 ★★★★★
These contacts are perfect! They fit great and look amazing. I will definitely be ordering more!
(Natural eye color: )
Betty 2020-01-21 ★★★★★
When writing a review, please include the below information:
➀Natural eye color:
➁How they look on:

Comfortable nice color looks more like a natural!
I like (Natural eye color: brown )
™¥ 2016-08-04 ★★★★★
These lenses took a long time to get here but it was worth the wait! Very comfortable and make your eyes look very pretty, especially if you have brown eyes in the first place ^^ Would recommend.
Love them! (Natural eye color: dark brown (almost black))
aznproblems 2016-02-15 ★★★★
When writing a review, please include the below information:
➀Natural eye color: dark brown (almost black)
➁How they look on: They don't look like the picture but it does add a natural/ everyday color to your eyes. People noticed the subtle change of my eye color.
➂Comfort: They are also very soft & comfortable. Worth the price!
➃Enlargement: hey have a slight enlarging effect which I really like.
I will definitely repurchase again!
I love these contacts
MELICIA71 2016-01-27 ★★★★★
From the first time I put in the contacts they feel great the color of them are very natural but do bring light into my eyes as well as lighten then I'm very pleased with my purchase 10 out of 10 will repurchase for sure.
comfy /natural
Isabel T. f 2015-11-19 ★★★★★
I got these contacts looking for a natural look. They look very wearable. They are a little enlarging but that's fine with me. I see very clear with them too. Very sturdy as well. I am hoping to buy some green ones soon.
Nice 2015-11-09
These circle lenses make very soft, natural effect. I have very dark eyes, so these pair bring some lights. The wearing comfort is good. However, pixels around are noticable and the size of lenses are almost the same with my eyes.
natural dailylens
beanbean 2014-08-27 ★★★★
This is my everyday look. At fist I was not sure it has effects and worried about comfortableness but after wearing, I felt comfy. It's thin and natural. I love it.