Best site!
Darla 2020-02-24 ★★★★★
Shipping was great, did not take long and the contacts were packaged we'll and safe!

(Natural eye color: )
Melody 2020-01-24 ★★★★★
When writing a review, please include the below information:
➀Natural eye color:
➁How they look on:

Easy to put in unlike other contacts I've had, and very comfortable. Shipping was really fast, love the presentation will order again.
great! (Natural eye color: )
geeoson 2016-04-28 ★★★★
the delivery period is not so long as i expected (i'm from germany) and the circle lenses are very natural and beautiful! super look for everyday make ups.. you don't even need mascara or fake lashes to bring the big eye effect out! i love them and i can only recommend it to everyone who is looking for natural looks :)) thank you!
So fast!!!!!!!!!! (Natural eye color: dark brown )
is4ued 2016-01-21 ★★★★★

When writing a review, please include the below information:
➀Natural eye color: dark brown
➁How they look on: so natural
➂Comfort: pretty comfortable
➃Enlargement: very very satisfying
SO FAST SHIPPINGGGGG!! Love it!!!!!!!!!

I love♥
yumi_cho 2014-12-23 ★★★★★
Looks good on my eyes. I love this flower pattern and nice color!
I love it! =)
Susan 2014-07-23 ★★★★
It blends perfectly on my eyes and very comfy! I love it! =)
BB 2014-06-14 ★★★★
The color is so natural and they fit pretty nice.
I absolutely love it !!!
Wendy 2014-05-27 ★★★★★
They make my eyes look so pretty! I absolutely love it !!!
Eunice 2014-05-21 ★★★★
This is a Must buy item! Very cute & comfy lens that can get at affordable price!
They blend amazingly well!
Naomi 2014-04-07 ★★★★★
My natural eye color is blue-green,
so they blend amazingly well!

These lenses are more comfortable
than I had expected. :)
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