(Natural eye color: )
Katrina 2020-10-14 ★★★★★
Super color and lovely look. Very comfortable!

(Natural eye color: )
Elizabeth 2020-02-17 ★★★★★
Amazing product, my contacts came in 5 days after ordering them. The shipping was fast, the contacts were packaged nicely, and they felt so comfortable.

The best!!!
moonbun 2016-05-25 ★★★★★
These were my first circle eye contacts that I purchased from ecirclelens (without my prescription). They're my FAVORITE lenses by far and really stand out. I love the second glances people give me and when they ask "Are you eyes REALLY purple?". I love them and hope to buy some in my prescription soon like my other lenses. Thank you!
love them
katie 2014-11-04 ★★★★★
Finally received my contacts and love them!
Very comfortable with good color.
so intense
evastonem 2014-07-07 ★★★★

design 4.5/5
comfy 4/5
color 4.5/5

I love your customer service which is why I use your website a lot. Thank youuuu