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Perfect for what I wanted! Super comfortable!
konomiii 2015-10-26 ★★★★★
These are only the second pair of color lenses I own. Sadly I purchased a blue pair from another website but I wish I got it here! I used these amazing cosplay intense red contacts for my Princess Hilda cosplay. The color showed up amazingly even with my dark color eyes under it. And seriously I wore these to a con for over 12 hours! And most of the time forgot that they were there! Seriously super comfortable. I plan on buying more from PP in the future! I also got my friend into you guys as well. She never worn contacts before but she got blue ones from you and loved it c:
★Rainbow Eyes★ Vona Violet Contacts
Uniquely Awesome~
YJ 2015-10-23 ★★★★
For those who wants a more sultry, mysterious look, this is a great pair of circle lenses for you! The reddish-purple tint gives you a bit of a vampire look; perfect for the fall/winter season or for those cloudy days. I'm a typical Asian with brown eyes, and they blend with my natural iris so nicely that someone asked me if the circle lenses was my natural eye color! LOLLL
I also have dyed dark red hair, so the colors of the circle lenses matched me pretty nicely. I'm not sure how it'd look on someone with blond hair and blue eyes, but it doesn't hurt to try! It's comfortable to wear 8 hours or more so it's also something I'd recommend for cosplayers. Also, their prescriptive strength is on point for those who don't have 20/20 vision.
[only at e-circlelens] Aida Gray Contacts
My new fave lens!
lina♡ 2015-10-22 ★★★★★
It took time to get used to with comfort, but I was able to use it 10 hours the third day. The color blends well with my natural eye color, it makes my eyes look dark with a subtle slate grey. Not much of an enlargement, but it's perfect and the black rim helps with the effect. I'm not too big on flashy lens that look veery noticeable. I'm loving them!
Aryan Ring Circle Contacts
Black absolutely !!!
dbrlshd 2015-10-21 ★★★★
my first circle lenses, i'm so very happy my eyes medium dark brown, this lenses looks amazing in my eyes, but is absolutely black, i'm from Mexico my package 2 Months delay by customs. but they are already here and i I tested and are really comfortable irritates the eye, but in 10 minutes adapts both are comfortable, 9 hours using excellent!!, thank you e-circlelens :)
Joy 3 Tone Green Contacts
Can't ask for more
bays 2015-10-20 ★★★★
I needed lenses that were natural looking and 14.5 mm as prescribed by my optometrist. These did not disappoint. They are beautiful, enlarging but not too much, and comfortable. I wear them for 8 hours a day at school.
Daisy 3 Tone Gray Contacts
pretty color but super uncomfortable :(
tinA 2015-10-16 ★★
The circle lens itself is beautiful! Unfortunately, I couldn't wear it for more than 10 minutes due to discomfort. It was either hurting my eyes or too blurry for me to wear it. In its defense, this was my first time wearing circle lens..
★Rainbow Eyes★ Vona Violet Contacts
I need more violet
olivi 2015-10-15
I need more violet
[Designed by e-circlelens] Walkure Black Contacts [ Yearly ]
loveme 2015-10-12 ★★★★★
These are very comfortable, easy to wear, and look great. I've used them for several different cosplays to get an animated style eye with great success. They were even comfortable for long convention days with one or two minor applications of eyedrops.
C5 CO NA Violet Contacts
Absolutely Fantastic circle lenses!
Jay 2015-10-08 ★★★
These lenses are great! They look so natural on blue that I've had many people mistake it for my actual eye color. The subtle enlargement is great. I've had them for nearly a year and am reordering. Ever since I was little I wanted to have purple eyes, and now I can :)
Pop 3 Brown Contacts
SO thin!!
SOYDAR 2015-10-07 ★★★★★
SO thin!!
Eyevelyn Brown Contacts [Silicone Hydrogel] ★UV Block★
20151025 2015-10-06 ★★★★
For my very first contacts ever, I was surpised how comfortable they where on my eyes all day. They looked just like doll eyes on me. I love them
Cara Blue Contacts ( Power: ~-15.00 )
GORGEOUS and very, very vibrant color contacts!
Stephanie 2015-10-05 ★★★★
These lenses were exactly what I was looking for. They're a really beautiful deep blue color, but their color only really stands out when the light hits them. In direct sunlight the blue is GORGEOUS and very, very vibrant.

In the shade/dimmer light settings the color isn't /too/ noticeable and my eyes instead look dark, but I think it's worth mentioning that my eyes are dark brown, so I think if your eyes are a lighter color they'd probably show up better.

Either way, the color is super gorgeous and I highly recommend it if you're searching for deep dark blue contacts!
Belita Green Contacts
Perfect for dark eyes!
spon 2015-10-02 ★★★★★
These are my second pair of circle lenses! They have a nice opaque green color to them so my dark brown eyes look green! And it's not a bright green, it's a nice emerald shade. It does enlarge your eyes but it's not overly dramatic which I like. These contacts are super comfy and I was about to wear them constantly for a good 6+ hours.
Joy 3 Tone Pink Contacts
3 tones color brown
soto 2015-10-01 ★★★★★
Natural color: Medium/redish Brown
Comfort: 5/5
Enlargement: 14.0-14.2mm, 5/5 I have small eyes so the enlargement is good and yet natural
Color: 4.5/5 I really like them, because it lights up my natural color although is a bit to the yellow side...
Love them!
Neo 3 Tone Violet Contacts
the most beautiful shade of violet!
ho oh 2015-09-30 ★★★★★
my eyes are bright brown close to yellow!
these violet contacts create the most beautiful shades with my yellowish brown eyes.
I do love the color contact lenses!
Solid Green Contacts [ 3 month ]
Trick or Circlelens
RYEN 2015-09-26 ★★★★★
Trick or Circlelens
[Awesome Photo Review] Inno UV Diamond White Cosplay Contacts
Trick or Circlelens
RYEN 2015-09-26 ★★★★★
Trick or Circlelens
Green Werewolf Contacts [ 3 month ]
Trick or Circlelens
RYEN 2015-09-26 ★★★★★
Trick or Circlelens
White Mesh Crazy Contacts
Trick or Circlelens
RYEN 2015-09-26 ★★★★★
Trick or Circlelens
Trick or Circlelens
RYEN 2015-09-26 ★★★★★
Trick or Circlelens
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