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Cloud Gray Color Toric Contact Lenses for Astigmatism [Yearly]
Love love these lenses(Natural eye color:dark green/ hazel eyes )
Okamihime 2016-06-28 ★★★★★
I have naturally dark green/ hazel eyes and these lenses make my eyes a dark blue/green and I just love the colour. I get so many comments (even though the colour change is subtle) and my eyes look bigger and clearer. They are also the most confortable toric lenses I have! I will be ordering more from E-circle - I want to wear them everyday!
BT 2 color Brown Contacts
KAWAII (Natural eye color:light green eyes)
mos 2016-06-27 ★★★★★
ordered on a wednesday and they arrived on a friday, AMAZING shipping!! i love these lenses, they're so cozy and cute looking. i can wear them all day without a problem, no discomfort.

Dali Extra Brown Toric Contact Lenses for Astigmatism [Yearly]
pleasantly suprised
SPBN 2016-06-23 ★★★★★
I wasn't expecting much due to the fact that my eyesight is horrible! But when I got these, I was surprised that I could see. They stopped making chestnut brown color contacts with my prescription, so I was so happy to find this site. I would def recommend for people wanted color lenses but don't want to pay a hefty price that most eye doctors charge when you have an astigmatism.
Grang Grang Choco Contacts (Big)
Natural Iris Color: Dark-ish orange/green/ Very natural, not so vibrant!
Klint 2016-06-20 ★★★★
Since my eyes already have some orange/brown in them I expected these lenses to strengthen the brown tones in my eyes and bring them out. But I honestly didn't see much of a difference, which disappointed me a little!
Maybe the brown color in my eyes and the brown color in the lenses were way too alike so there was no difference! They might be more vibrant on other eyes.

Enlargement is great and I still get a very natural look for my eyes. They will look perfect for my cosplay of Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club!

Pure Black Contacts
Can You Be Any More Cuter?!! (Natural eye color: )
nadia 2016-06-16 ★★★★★
Can You Be Any More Cuter?!!
is my second circle lens which I purchased from ecirclelens and I am so happy about it. First of all, these are very comfortable lenses. No itching or stinging; everything is just fine. Plus you don't need to your eye drops every single second to rescue your dry eyes. Also, they look so natural for a black circle lens. I have brown to dark brown eyes and the dolly effect which these lenses give me is literally amazing. I fell in love with them in a split second, and I sure if you buy these, you'll too. Come on and add to your cart. You'll thank me later. ^-^
Grang Grang Choco Contacts (Big)
Big Brown Eyes (Natural eye color:brown to dark brown )
chlue 2016-06-15 ★★★★★
Those were the first couple of lenses I purchased from ecirclelens and I fully recommend them. First of all, they are so comfortable and easy to put on. Also they look so natural, yet they're gorgeous enough to give you the exact dolly effect you want. My natural eye color is brown to dark brown and I am so happy about my decision about this cute lens. Thank you e-curckekebs! All the love x
Daisy 3 Tone Green Contacts [6 months]
New Favorite Circle Lenses! Dark Brown EYES
kittycatk_ 2016-06-14 ★★★★★
I was a little scared when I opened them because they looked extremely bright green but when I put them on the next day they looked like a really nice dark green! I have really dark brown eyes so they may look different but I am really happy with how they look. They're comfortable too!
Joy 3 Tone Gray Contacts
Beautiful and Stunning
yyy 2016-06-13 ★★★★
I love these contacts. They are very comfortable and long wearing. I wish I purchased more. These are definitely brown girl friendly as well.
Eyevelyn Brown Contacts [Silicone Hydrogel] ★UV Block★
Soooo many compliments (Natural eye color: )
7890700 2016-06-10 ★★★★★
I'm A singer and on stage every weekend I get the most compliments on my eyes and asked where did I get them from both men and women. I Think we should team up!!! I'm Great at pushing a product and would LOVE to do it.
Natural Brown Contacts
These are my favorite contacts to-date! ^^
nguyenki 2016-06-09 ★★★★★
comfort level: 5/5
color: 5/5
enlargement effect: 3.5/5
overal: 5/5
[only at e-circlelens] Spark Brown Toric Contact Lenses for Astigmatism [ 6 months ]
Cute & Comfortable (BrownEyes)
akucos 2016-06-08 ★★★★★
These lenses are super cute and very, very comfortable! I actually had to double take and make sure they were there since I could barely feel them at all while wearing them. They're very flattering on my brown eyes -- super subtle and natural, while still maintaining the effect of bigger and brighter eyes (honestly I just can't get over how cute I am). I'm super pleased with the quality of these contacts and also very pleased with the customer service. I definitely recommend e-circlelens and will shop here again in the future. Thank you!
Eyevelyn Brown Contacts [Silicone Hydrogel] ★UV Block★
Great natural lenses! (Natural eye color:dark brown eyes almost black )
sb509 2016-06-07 ★★★★★
These lens are thin and super comfortable, sometimes I forget that I have them on. They do give a dolly look but it still looks natural. So far my favorite brown circle lens!
White Mesh Crazy Contacts
Super creepy!
96502 2016-06-03 ★★★★★
I absolutely love these contacts, they're so creepy looking! I was also surprised at how well they covered my eyes-I have dark eyes & sometimes white won't cover them entirely, like it'll leave a bluish cast, but these totally covered it. They especially look amazing in photos! Not quite as comfortable as regular lenses, but still pretty comfortable. I really love the fact that these are offered in prescription-you can't see normally anyway due to the design of course, but it's sort of like if you can imagine looking through sheer fabric.
[only at e-circlelens] Aida Gray Toric Contact Lenses for Astigmatism [ 6 months ]
Comfortable and nice looking
clairenlj 2016-06-02 ★★★★★
These lenses are very comfortable to wear, and for circle lenses they're not overly fake. They look nice, and still enlarge your eyes a tiny bit. The colour is a dark grey, and for a darker grey they're still visible on brown eyes. The colour feathers out from a light grey to dark, which gives a very lovely effect. The only minus is that the pupil hole is very large, for vision it's sublime, but aesthetically it's less pretty. But seeing as they blend in with my eye colour, there's nothing to complain, and I look forward wearing these with my costumes and makeup!
[Photo Review]Mio Accent Brown Contacts
(Natural eye color: ) Dark Brown
Chantal 2016-05-31 ★★★★
These are some pretty darn comfy lenses. c: I have never bought or worn lenses from this brand before, but I would feel great buying from it in the future.

As for the enlargement, for a 14.0 mm lens, these make a fair bit of noticeable difference. The colour is printed very close to the edge of the lens, and the ring is fairly thick, so they seem fairly large.

As for the colour itself, the lens looks honey brown/gold the lens case, but looks more golden brown when actually worn. They are not very pale/light, but the colour is saturated and often noticeable. Under flash photography, they *can* look like a fairly light gold, but tend to just shine honey brown.

If you catch the light just right, though, they definitely can look golden in daylight.
Pure Black Toric Colored Contact Lenses for Astigmatism [ 6 months ]
Super comfy (Natural eye color: brown/dark brown eyes)
Larame07 2016-05-30 ★★★★★
These are my favourite circle lenses - they are so comfy. It's easy to forget you are wearing them, until you notice someone looking at your eyes!

The lenses go really well with brown/dark brown eyes. They are certainly enlarging (not a natural looking lens), and are best worn with makeup.

I would definitely recommend these, especially if you haven't worn circle lenses before.
Neo 3 Tone Violet Contacts
Better than expected (Natural eye color: )
freyac 2016-05-27 ★★★★

These contacts surprised me with how comfortable they were even though i don't normally wear contacts. The color is really nice! Not as bright as advertised unless you are in a brightly lit place (which you can see from the photo) but this is not a bad thing because they look really natural even for purple contacts. Overall very happy with them!
Neo 3 Tone Gray Color Toric Contact Lenses for Astigmatism [Yearly]
The best lenses I've ever had (Natural eye color: )
Lorie 2016-05-26 ★★★★★
I have worn many brands for many years of colored contacts these fit perfect, color perfect, do not get dry like all the past ones I have used, can wear 8 plus hours no problem. Thanks ecirclelens
Cara Violet Contacts ( Power: ~-15.00 )
The best!!!
moonbun 2016-05-25 ★★★★★
These were my first circle eye contacts that I purchased from ecirclelens (without my prescription). They're my FAVORITE lenses by far and really stand out. I love the second glances people give me and when they ask "Are you eyes REALLY purple?". I love them and hope to buy some in my prescription soon like my other lenses. Thank you!
Angel EX Green Contacts
Nice Green, subtle and natural (Natural eye color:hazel )
moonbun 2016-05-24 ★★★★★
I really like this colour, it is super natural and it brightens up my hazel eyes without making them look fake

I really like them wearing all day, because they are super comfy , dont itch, dont bother, you almost forget you are wearing circle lenses!!

they are perfect for those who are looking for a natural change into a delicate green,

I recommend them !


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