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Pop 3 Blue Contacts [6 months]
Great naturalness
TTOKK 2015-08-19 ★★★★
There is big difference between these lenses color and my eyes color, but thanks to the gradient they look pretty natural!
So amazing lenses!
Sio Brown Contacts [Silicone Hydrogel] ★UV Block★ [ 6 months ]
Super duper comfortable
Ruhsar 2015-08-18 ★★★★★
Really super duper comfortable!
These lenses are so light and it's so easy to put them in!
And you even forget that you are wearing circle lenses when you are with them!
Pop 3 Gray Contacts [6 months]
So So SO Beautiful Color Contacts!!!!!!!
EriK 2015-08-13 ★★★★★
Color is so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I fell in love with these lenses!!!!
Super Super Highly recommendable!!
Dali Extra Brown Contacts (~-12.00) [ 3 months ]
It's my best circle contacts ever~
Goto 2015-08-13 ★★★★★
I have used these contacts since 2013.
There is nothing to say about them, since lenses are the best ever!!
Trust me!
Dali Extra Brown Contacts (~-12.00) [ 3 months ]
dali brown
Brianna 2016-01-03
been using these for 8 years now.
Super natural color with that doe eyed effect.
very comfortable for toric lens users
3 Tone Ardor Gray Contacts (Big)
Enlargement 5/5
Monica 2015-08-12 ★★★★★
-Enlargement 5/5
These are slightly bigger than my iris, but that's perfect for making my eyes look a bit bigger~

-Comfort 4/5
I've spent a whole day wearing these and I didn't even feel them!
Magic 2 Blue Contacts
Perfect for my greenish hazel eyes
MelfiNa 2015-08-11 ★★★★★
Naturalness 4/5
There is big difference between these lenses color and my eyes color, but thanks to the gradient they look pretty natural

Comfort 5/5
I've spent a whole day wearing these and I didn't even feel them

Enlargement 5/5
These are slightly bigger than my iris, but that's perfect for making my eyes look a bit bigger

Design 5/5
These lenses blends perfectly with my greenish hazel eyes, because of the gradiend arround the pupil.
Fresh Gray Contacts [6 months]
very nice and natural shade of gray
kuru 2015-08-07 ★★★★★
design: ★★★★★
The design has a very simple natural eye look kind of pattern and it blends really well with my natural eyes so I love it.

color: ★★★★☆
The color is very nice shade of gray. I would say it's a medium gray so not too light and not too dark. It's also a very natural gray that blends really well with brown eyes like mine. The only reason why I didn't give it 5 stars is because I personally think that the gray would be even nicer if a bit lighter. Since in certain lighting, you actually don't notice the lenses that much: and I just prefer lighter gray shads but honestly it's just me being nit-picky. The color itself it still rally nice.
Daisy 3 Tone Pink Contacts [ 6 months]
The sweetest color ever
K 2015-08-06 ★★★★★
The sweetest color ever
The sweetest color ever
[Designed by e-circlelens] Walkure Black Contacts [ Yearly ]
the enlargement is a lot more natural than i expected
c/c 2015-07-29 ★★★★★
the enlargement is a lot more natural than i expected
i am very satisfied with the lenses
Barbie E24 Brown Contacts
Golden Brown
crow 2015-07-28 ★★★★
I wanted to call these circle contact "Amazing Golden Brown"
If you look for gold brown lenses, it would be the best choice for you.
Awesome Color!!!!!!!!
Lizzy Hazel Contacts [Silicone Hydrogel] ★UV Block★ [6 months]
Second purchasing of silicone contacts
barbara Kim 2015-07-27 ★★★★★
DK Innovision Silicone Contact lenses are always the most comfortable to me. These don't dry my eyes out even after 8 hours. The color is actually beautiful hazel.

These lenses are perfect. Literally, perfect.
Pop 3 Blue Contacts [6 months]
So natural on dark brown eyes
EugeneJj 2015-07-24 ★★★★★
I m Korean having dark brown eyes!
these are great on me!!
Love them so much!!
Ring 2 Gray Contacts [Yearly]
Great blending with my light brown eyes
eTae 2015-07-23 ★★★★★
The color of these circle lenses blends in well with my natural light brown eye color. Furthermore, unlike the nudy grey lenses, didn't make them pixel-ish. I would strongly recommend this pair if you look for an effect that's subtle and natural but noticeable...
Crystal Blue Contacts (Toric)
Great circle lenses for astigmatism!!
soto 2015-07-22 ★★★★★
It's lovely blue colour!!
when wearing them, my eyes look like jewels!!
So lovely and pretty!!
BT 2color Gray Contacts
Dominque 2015-07-21 ★★★★★
the gray is such a nice light gray, and it really stands out on dark brown eyes; not in a creepy way but in a very elegant kind of way.
the color really enhances your overall look, and I absolutely love how there's also a blue tint to the grey.
Neo 3 Tone Gray Color Toric Contact Lenses for Astigmatism [Yearly]
Great colour but....
Asya 2015-07-20
The left lens kept moving on my eyes! I ended up with a very blurry vision and a little hurting as well. The other side is OK but I suppose I need to wear them together, so these lens are no use to me now :( It's a shame as the colour is really pretty,

I have been a customer of this website for a long time and have had no problems prior to this. Not sure if this is a brand issue or manufacturing defect that I experienced.

Considering the price I paid and time I spent to wait for the lenses to arrive, I am very much disappointed.
Grang Grang Choco Contacts (Big) [Yearly]
doll like and best quality
barbara 2015-07-20 ★★★★★
they were super comfortable and very effective with making the eyes appear larger and more doll-like.
Belita Black Contacts [ Yearly ]
Dolly effect
ccl 2015-07-17 ★★★★
Thick black ring makes my eyes much more defined and they appear to be larger !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the contacts!!!
Voldemort Crazy Contacts (Red Eyes)
Vivid red
Pey321 2015-07-16 ★★★★
I was a little worried about the design of these lenses, they looked quited bright and had a harsh inner ring, something that I don't personally like~
But I was pleasantly surprised when I tried them on. They look way better than I thought, and gave the effect I was looking for.
Communication and shipping
e-circlelens has the best customer service ever! I say this as both before and after being. Shipping was insanlely fast (EMS). It was delivered straight to my door, so I got the lenses in my hand after just a few days.
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